So, Friday my wife and I headed down to Regina Sk to do a radio show to promote my new album "The Swift Current Sessions"'s about a 3 hour drive from my home. I likely could have phoned it in but it's a one hour show done "live" so being there is better.
The station is community access but (as with everything these days) it streams online as well.
We got to the station a bit early so we went to a cafe across the street for a sandwich and a beer...still something I love to do but I'm starting to notice that 15 bucks for a chicken salad sandwich is kinda ridiculous....I never complain about the 6 dollar beer though...


(wow I started writing this tale and I guess it kinda got away from me...and as if it wasn't long enough, I added pictures lol...apologies if it's a little long winded...I can get that way)

Sunday Aug 4

we actually slept in a bit today. Didn't even wink until about 11 a.m. but damn was I tired after the previous night's show. (and subsequent beers with the boys..and girls)

Another beautiful sunny day..

Yawn...stretch...step outside the motel room into the morning sun to get a glimpse of the day and have a smoke.(Yes it's a disgusting habit I need to leave... again)
I Decide to walk to the front office where, hanging on a sign in the window is the phone number for Vicky's Kitchen..then quickly realize the shorts I think I'm wearing are actually boxer shorts.(oops)

Saturday Aug 3

We came into town the night before to check out the grounds, sip a few beers and see the band playing in the beer gardens. Like a little vacation...if only for a night...

Today we wake up around ten, after about a 2 a.m. bedtime. Too early?...hell yeah...but a racing mind always wins in my world.

Tonight we open/close for Country legend Sammy Kershaw on the main stage.

We start with calling for a take out breakfast from "Vicky's Kitchen"... The guys in my band aren't yet there. (At this point it's just myself, Dee, and my son in law Andrew who came along to help out and work the merch table...)

Nothin' like bacon and eggs from a styrofoam container and a cold beer 'n' juice outside a prairie motel room...ok maybe there is, but I've never minded all the little things about a travelling lifestyle. In fact I love it!

So last night I did an acoustic set at "relay for life" in Swift Current Sk.
We first went to the studio and layed down a few more tracks...some re-do's and touch ups.
We got to the event in time to catch some of the set by bluegrass band "midnight Roses"...something only made possible by the fact that the event was running over an hour behind schedule...but they always do.
We've known some of the girls for a few years but haven't seen them in a while.

Aug 3 (Friday) Raymore Sk.
We rolled into Raymore about 6 p.m. under cloudy skies. Not the best outlook for an outdoor event but at least it wasn't raining ...yet. We checked into the Raymore Motel and headed over to the event grounds. This was a great spread on the sports grounds! Huge tents. The giant Saturday night stage just being laid out. A few dozen campers in the distance. A ball tournament happening to one side. We proceeded to the far south side to the huge tent for the Friday night stage. This night would be all ours. Which means set up, production and the pre show work that entails.

....  at this point we're about 3 or 4 shows into the summer. My regular bass player Vern Nixon can't make this one so Neil Kuntz is in the fire for the first time. He came highly recommended...but then I won't hire someone into such a situation unless they are.

This gig is one we've been doing for 10 years. An annual small town fundraiser. I mean a serious old fashioned "community coming together to raise funds for maintaining the hall, park etc"...I mean there's a population of I think 28 in the town proper.

July 2011...northern sk

This show stands out to me for weird reasons. It's a sports day celebration in a small town. Booked through my agent, though I had spoken myself on a couple of occasions to the event organizer about details like accommodations and rider. 

BRIER SHOW MARCH 6.... It's a Tuesday, and our first show full band since new years eve. To this point in the new year I had only done 3 shows. Jan 7 in Swift Current (4 songs solo at a SCMA show), Jan 28 CD release for the Lyric theater CD (house band only one song), and March 10 in Chaplin (solo 4 songs at a SCMA show). My regular bass player (Vern Nixon) was unable to make the shows this week so I had my comrade Irv Fines filling in. He's done shows with me before so no worries.

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