T H E    G U I T A R S  (by..yours truly)

I must admit, I'm pretty much an "off the rack" guy with my guitars.
Some guys like to modify/customize, different pickups and what have you.
I simply decide within' the first couple of minutes of playing a guitar whether I love it or not.
If I don't love it, I don't buy it.
Each one has it's own character.
After that it's all in the hands of the player.

Acoustic...well, I still haven't settled on one brand over any other but the gauge is light.12-.53
Electric...D'addario or GHS....Gauge 10 -.49


2013 Taylor 618

Though the serial number dates it to 2013, I purchased this one new off the floor in Feb '15.
Taylor serial numbers them when the body is assembled.(a little Taylor trivia)
This one happens to date precisely to my wife's Birthday. (I didn't know that when I bought it)
As of yet this one has no stories to tell...but give her time.

2007 Ibanez "Artcore"

"Big Red"....

This one was bought in early '07. I always wanted a semi hollow and was just unwilling to pony up the big dough for a Gretsch or Gibson. My wife and I found ourselves at Long and McQuade in Saskatoon and I got to looking at these Ibanez models for around 400 bucks.

I have this one set up a little differently for playing slide, and always tuned to an open G.

It has a Bigsby Tremolo that I don't use and didn't really want but, oh well.
Some onstage antics have seen this one drink a lot of beer in it's time.
It only sees action for 2 or 3 songs in a night but I can't imagine not having it there anymore. 

2008 Fender Telecaster (Joe Strummer signature model)

The "Joe"

We were on our way to a show in Prince Albert Sk. in spring of '08 when we stopped at my favorite music store for some supplies. Picks, strings etc...

As we were paying, there behind the counter hung the "Joe".

I'd been talking about wanting a Tele and Dee(my wife) says "I think most tele's are ugly but that one looks cool".
I said "yeah it does"..."hmmm...good eye".
(It's a pre-distressed custom shop thing...meaning? They work it in to look and feel old and worn in)

The salesman passed it over the counter to me and I strummed and picked around on it and it felt incredible!
As comfortable as putting on your favorite pair of old blue jeans.
Like they made it just for ME!

Truthfully I don't use it much live, but it's there in case the Gibson lets me down or blows a string.

2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard

I saw this one in my favorite music store one day in early 2009.
I was actually scouting for a new Les Paul since I sold my '78 the previous fall.
I was in love with everything about this one..the color, feel, and the classic Les Paul tone.

(-for you LP guys, yes, it has the chambered body, but the only thing missing from the old style is the extra weight.)

I was about to leave the store, when a voice says "if you want to, you can take it home for the weekend and try it out with your own rig"
..pause...turn around....smile..."sure"

On my way home I called my wife and said "guess what?"...

She knew what I knew, and I knew that she knew......that once it left the store with me it wasn't going back.

It is my number one.


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