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shot in Aug 2013
Published April 2015



This collection came to us from Anna Karmark of Raymore Sk....

We closed the night after a fantastic performance by Canadian legends "Harlequin"....What happened during our set was one of those rare spontaneous moments...
the first was when Harlequin popped onstage during our second song and crossed the stage singing harmonies along the way...
the second was when Paul (Harlequin's bass player) surprised Me by popping onstage again during our closing song to sing harmony with me ....
the third was when the audience clamoured for an encore and bit by bit the rest of the band Harlequin joined us onstage for a 3 song encore jam...
The songs were
Led Zeppelin's "rock n roll"
Bad Company's "feel like makin love"
AC DC Highway to hell 
This is an incredible pictorial of the here



This photo collection came to us from Lisa Cooper Haas of Hamilton Ontario.
Shot on Aug. 4 2012 in Raymore Sk.
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