Currently I'm relaxing on a Thursday night with a drink and my lovely wife.
Some writing to get to tomorrow.

Just a couple more weeks till I hit the studio with my friends to see what happens....I'm looking forward to it.

A short session with only 3 songs on the docket.

Ride with me
What she sees in me
Rain comin' down

Honestly, Glenna on keyboards is the only one from my live band that will be there...not sure what might happen. But then ya know with great players it's not a concern.

I really do have a plan...I mean, I'm not nuts...mostly my plan is to be prepared and then see what happens...capture a moment. AAhh "The moment" favourite thing to chase...

Typically, tracks are recorded build it...and that, for the most part will not change but we're at least gonna try and capture a "live off the floor" vibe for as much of it as we can. Hopefully we get there...

meanwhile my brain is going to be busy pre thinking every aspect of the songs ...prepping guitar tones...rehearsing for the moment.

I remember going into Damon Studio in Edmonton with Blackwater Jack in '92. When it came to overdubbing my guitar solos, I was doing take after take on a couple of songs. Feeling bad cuz we were broke, paying by the hour and I didn't have my shit together....

sitting in the control room listening to playback, my excessive time laying things down was "joked" about and I said "I didn't prepare cuz I wanted to just see what magic might happen".

The engineer/producer said "magic is a result of preparation..always"...of course I'm paraphrasing but that's the jist of it...lesson learned....well.


Linda Frerichs March 29, 2013 @12:14 am

I watched some of your live performances on you tube. It is great to watch someone who enjoys what they love to do. My fav song is Letter to a friend. Congrats on your nominations as well. Keep up the excellent work Vern. Happy musical trails.

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