I have a light schedule of live shows at this time of year. It's just the way it happens. But one thing is certain...when there is a show to do at this time of year, there is a strong likelihood of foul winter weather on the Canadian Prairies.

I watch on facebook at times, when the weather is foul and I'm snug in my living room with my wife and a warm cocktail, and see my musician brethren talk of being on the highway heading to a show...I feel thankful to be warm inside, and I wish them "safe travels". But I know that if I had a show, we too would be on the highway.

No matter how much the "weather people" say travel is "not advised" we go anyway. It's what we do. ALL of us. ..."the show must go on" is not just a cool slogan, it's a way of life. Anyone who makes the life choice to become a musician comes to understand that very quickly or simply quits. 

There is no calling in sick. Short of your own death there is no acceptable reason to miss a scheduled show. 

And it is not all about being broke and needing the money. Most of us aren't getting rich but we do alright.

I recall about 4 years ago we headed out to a show with "travel warnings" everywhere. We hit the highway anyway and only a few miles from home we hit a gust of wind at the top of a hill and the van did a 360 and came to a stop just short of the ditch. We breathed a sigh of relief that there was no traffic to hit, then put 'er in drive and proceeded. Had it been a shopping trip or the kids' hockey game we would have surely turned around and said "fuck it"...but it's a gig. It's what we do.

Is it worth risking your life to get to? (ok that might be a little melodramatic)  but Of course not!!..but we don't think of it that way.

I guess I'm telling you this cuz if you're outside the realm, it is something you may have never thought of.

So if your town has a function to attend with a live band on a cold blizzardy night. Before you say "the weather's too shitty, we'll just stay home"...consider what the musicians drove through to get there for you.

SO..as I sit here on another foul winter Canadian prairie weekend safe and warm at home with "travel not recommended" flashing on the weather channel... I know my brothers are traveling anyway, simply because "the show must go on"


Oita August 26, 2013 @03:06 am

It's good to get a fresh way of lokiong at it.

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