I still love Saturday Night Live...

a week or two ago Justin Timberlake was the musical guest. I've liked his acting for some time now. Some great roles in movies like "bad teacher", "friends with benefits", "the social network" etc... (Never was a fan of his "boy band" music years back of course,  but his acting roles gained my respect.)

Now he's decided to launch a musical career again.

Do I care? Nope (hell, does ANYone care?)

But after watching him on SNL, I was impressed.

The song was cool enough. Though I don't see myself rushing to download it.

But most importantly, he performed LIVE!

It was a great performance!

Comedian/Actor, the legendary Steve Martin was the host that night and he tweeted afterward

"Justin Timberlake's abilities don't come by effort but by ease"

Now, I'm not a fan of JT's music past or present, but to give credit where it's due... in this world of so many fake, lame-ass, reality star, image is everything, pitch corrected illusionists..he seems to be the real deal.

Lady Gaga is another one I saw on SNL a couple years ago that blew me away.

She sat down at the grand piano and did a song by herself live.

No glitz or BS..just her voice and her piano and it was incredible! Some time after that I heard the radio version of that same song and hated it. But that stripped down performance on SNL was amazing!

SNL proves constantly that music is about the artist and the song...that the slick over-produced, over compressed sterile sounds we hear on radio are a product of the bean counters.. and maybe, if left to it, mainstream artists could show that same honesty all the time...and those without the ability would fall by the wayside where they belong.

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