We’ve done precious few shows so far this year. Well, 2 to be precise. Another one coming in a couple of weeks. This one sees my former drummer Shane Dion filling in for Neil…so we’ll have some fun.
It’s been 3 years since he left the band…
I’ve been pretty busy with a new business venture. Which is myself and a partner buying out the company where I’ve worked on the side for the past few years. It’s no secret to anyone (even those NOT in the business) that it has become increasingly difficult to make a decent living just playing music.
I am certainly not complaining.
I’ve done very well and I am very grateful, but the road is more difficult now than it’s ever been.
I feel sorry for young bands/musicians these days.
You poor bastards have no place to play! …and the clubs that are out there pay LESS than they did 20 years ago!
Some of them don’t even pay!
Combine that with the downloading/streaming debate and musicians are taking a hit on all fronts at all levels.
Now more than ever, diversification is key!
This shit applies to the famous ones too…you know, the ones you think are filthy rich…well, maybe some of them are, but they ain’t wealthy. Led Zeppelin owned their own personalized jet!...so did the Stones!
Nobody makes THAT kind of scratch anymore! Maybe you don’t feel they should?...doesn’t matter what you think. They created a product and SOLD it….LOTS of it! Now these same products are still being created but they are being taken for FREE.
I wish I could fill the gas tank on a tour bus for free…but alas.
I give you my music for free because I want to…that’s my choice.
My point to this post is certainly not to bitch and moan (though it may look that way) I love my role.
I love that I’ve been able to maintain that role so long because of you. We have a great relationship!
You’re still coming to see the shows, and that ain’t free.
I’ve always been a fan of “behind the scenes” type of things and so, sometimes I like to take you there. Even if it’s a journey into my mind.


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