So I'm in the midst of what I call a lull ....
no shows on the horizon till December..
It goes like this
We come off of a crazy busy summer schedule and the thought of some time off is intoxicating.
My guitars find their way into my music room again with no imminent threat of being packed up again.
I unpack my suitcase.
my bathroom toiletries can be set back on the counter instead of being left in the "travel case" ready to be put back in the suitcase in a few days...aahhh home.

I enjoy the simple, domestic things, laying around all day on a Saturday with no schedule to keep.
I get into that "writer" mode again.
My students and other business interests keep me busy.

Then I get to planning, worrying, analyzing, stuff for the show etc..set lists etc..
I've been busy this time working on the new album.
(man, I'm blessed with some talented folks in my world!)
...and I start to miss my bandmates
All of the things about travelling and doing shows...
late sound check...hotel check in....

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