if I could go back in time and tell the "young me" anything, what would it be? (it's a question that was asked of me once)

Would I tell him to forget the music and become an accountant or a lawyer? (always thought I'd be a good lawyer).
Would I tell him horror stories about the pitfalls of this business?
Well, if I did that, would it not be only fair to also tell him the great stuff too?...cuz there's a lot of that!
No...I'd say "save your money and invest in Apple!!"

I've been on a quest (in my mind) for a new laptop.
I'm pretty good with PC's....(and I really do need a new one).

Mac's are a different world entirely. I've been trying to compare them to PC's but it seems to be like apples and oranges. Like two different languages.

One language however is universal...Mac's are considerably more expensive than a PC, yet people are still buying them in droves!!! 

THAT'S an investment worth making!

maybe Mac's are worth every penny...I'm sure if you're reading this blog from your Mac, you're cussing me out right now...but I can't make sense of the differences enough to make an informed decision?

Those I know who own Mac's say "try it and you'll never go back to a PC"...but that doesn't get to the meat of why I should spend so much more money...having never gotten that law degree I am still earning a musician's keep, so before spending that extra money I wanna know...what will it do that I need so bad??

maybe I'll save my money for a couple of years and take a chance on a Mac..who knows..cut back a little on the Crown Royal and cigarettes..for now I will likely buy another PC laptop....

BUT if I could go back in time and tell the "young me" something?...Invest in Apple


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