We’ve done precious few shows so far this year. Well, 2 to be precise. Another one coming in a couple of weeks. This one sees my former drummer Shane Dion filling in for Neil…so we’ll have some fun.
It’s been 3 years since he left the band…

So much for my stretch of being lazy about updating this realm.
I've finally gotten to some stuff...you may notice There's a newly added Blog entry from Oct of last year....
Well I found it in the "saved drafts" 
Seems I never got back to it so I published it as it was then...just a ramble from the moment.

Hopefully, since you're here, you've taken some time to listen to the new album.
While the process of making an album is time consuming and at times frustrating, I'm pretty proud of the results.

It's almost time to load the gear into the van and leave it there for a month (or is it more?)...hitting a busy stretch.
So, this week I'll be changing guitar strings and showing the guitars a little love...
In fact the old tour van needs a little too.
It's 12 years old now and it's been a great companion for 7 years and a lot of miles.
Most significantly now the AC doesn't work...not exactly a tragedy I know.
Minor discomfort, but maybe it's time to have a look at it.
I could trade it off but ya know, I've never been that "car guy".
I don't like spending that money...having that payment. 
Reliability is the key (with all the miles we put on) and this girl has been that and more!
Plus Chev doesn't make the Safari anymore so I don't even know what I'd get!
Nah, I think she'll be with us a while longer...

So I'm in the midst of what I call a lull ....
no shows on the horizon till December..
It goes like this
We come off of a crazy busy summer schedule and the thought of some time off is intoxicating.
My guitars find their way into my music room again with no imminent threat of being packed up again.
I unpack my suitcase.
my bathroom toiletries can be set back on the counter instead of being left in the "travel case" ready to be put back in the suitcase in a few days...aahhh home.


So I'm sitting around on a Saturday morning at home. I'm on my second cup of coffee...well, third if you count the espresso that started things off.
I like that first jolt to be a good one on a morning like this. After that, the best is a good old Saturday morning Bailey's and coffee. (which I am enjoying as we speak) 

As much as I love my coffee, I won't drink shitty coffee...when I'm at home.

So last night I went to see Paul McCartney in Regina.
What an amazing show!!...Paul is spot on and his band is nothing short of amazing! But I knew that already, having seen a concert DVD from 2010...

BUT, seeing it live in the open air of a summer night from amazing seats intensified the experience tenfold.

Well the studio sessions went really well last week...loving the rough mixes so far and I can't wait to share with everyone! I'm thinking a single release early in June and the album release around Sept/Oct..

This is actually my first weekend off in a month or so...and I'm lovin' it. 
I'm finally getting to a point in life where I don't let myself feel guilty for doing nothing....which is exactly what I did today..nothing.
Ok..I went to the grocery store and I barbecued for me and my bride...soaked up some rays on the patio and listened to music..and did some website updates. But that's not work.

"smilin' like we're seventeen
baby won't you ride with me" 

(A line from one of my new songs...)

Think about seventeen for a minute....it's the last age of freedom and (if I can say) irresponsibility.
Too young to vote
Too young to drink
Last year of high school so still living at home
No bills to pay

It's the last of an era...carefree and bored

So, sometimes I like to take time to just do nothing...guilt free..like 17
I'm never bored....there's always something to do
But to pretend, if only for a day that I have nothing to do, I'm finding, is the best damn medicine for the soul!

If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it! 

Currently I'm relaxing on a Thursday night with a drink and my lovely wife.
Some writing to get to tomorrow.

Just a couple more weeks till I hit the studio with my friends to see what happens....I'm looking forward to it.

A short session with only 3 songs on the docket.

Ride with me
What she sees in me
Rain comin' down

Honestly, Glenna on keyboards is the only one from my live band that will be there...not sure what might happen. But then ya know with great players it's not a concern.

I really do have a plan...I mean, I'm not nuts...mostly my plan is to be prepared and then see what happens...capture a moment. AAhh "The moment"..my favourite thing to chase...

Typically, tracks are recorded separately...you build it...and that, for the most part will not change but we're at least gonna try and capture a "live off the floor" vibe for as much of it as we can. Hopefully we get there...

meanwhile my brain is going to be busy pre thinking every aspect of the songs ...prepping guitar tones...rehearsing for the moment.

if I could go back in time and tell the "young me" anything, what would it be? (it's a question that was asked of me once)
Would I tell him to forget the music and become an accountant or a lawyer? (always thought I'd be a good lawyer).
Would I tell him horror stories about the pitfalls of this business?
Well, if I did that, would it not be only fair to also tell him the great stuff too?...cuz there's a lot of that!
No...I'd say "save your money and invest in Apple!!"

I still love Saturday Night Live...

a week or two ago Justin Timberlake was the musical guest. I've liked his acting for some time now. Some great roles in movies like "bad teacher", "friends with benefits", "the social network" etc... (Never was a fan of his "boy band" music years back of course,  but his acting roles gained my respect.)

I have a light schedule of live shows at this time of year. It's just the way it happens. But one thing is certain...when there is a show to do at this time of year, there is a strong likelihood of foul winter weather on the Canadian Prairies.

I was driving home from a show a few weeks ago when "take the long way home" by supertramp came on the radio. I said to Dee "summer of '79"...me and my buddy Richard Buss hung out for what seemed an endless summer, smoking joints and listening to supertramp's album "breakfast in America" ad nauseum." We were 14.

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