the Swift Current Sessions (2014)
this collection was recorded between April and Nov. 2013 in Swift Current Sk. CA.

The Players...
Glenna Switzer - keyboards
Mike Tetrault - drums
Corinne Newton - bass / backing vocals

Essentially we got together at Mike's studio, unrehearsed, with a few of my songs and a "let's see what happens" attitude.
This is what happened....V.M.

Produced by Mike Tetrault and Vern Michaels




Recorded between Jan and Aug 2011 at Soggy Bottom Studio in Saskatoon Sk. and Blind Dog Studio in Rosetown Sk.
Released Sept 30 2011
Produced by Vern Michaels and Shane Dion

nominated for "album of the year" 2011 by the Saskatchewan Country Music Association



Midnight and Moonshine(2009)

Recorded between Jan and July 2009
released July 2009
Produced by Vern Michaels

Truthfully this album was recorded to use as "promo only"...initially anyway...
then (for better or worse) I took a left turn with it"...VM 



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